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               Some of these quick money-saving motoring tips could save drivers and businesses a fortune!
1.SAVE UP TO 5% ON YOUR FUEL BILL! Use a cashback card to pay for fuel and it can add up to a huge saving over the year!
2.DON’T PAY THE EXTRA FOR PREMIUM FUEL. You’re unlikely to notice any improvement unless you’re driving a high-performance car.
3.START THE ENGINE PROPERLY. You don’t need to press the accelerator when you start up, these days are gone!
4.TYRE CARE. When did you last check your tyre pressures? Even slightly under-inflated tyres can use up to 6% more fuel.
5.INSURANCE. Haggle on your insurance renewal premium and don’t over-estimate your annual mileage when requesting insurance or leasing quotes.
6.ANNUAL MILEAGE. Know your annual lease mileage allowance and stick to it to avoid excess mileage charges. Call the leasing company to have your mileage allowance increased to a more accurate annual mileage.
7.CAR CLEANING. Spend a fiver a week on car washes and that’s £250 per year you could save by spending half an hour cleaning it yourself
8.LEASE RATHER THAN BUY. You know it makes sense! Invest your cash in things that go UP in value, like property or investments for example!

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Posted on 25th October 2019 at 8:30 AM

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